2022 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Nouveau Holiday

2022 to 2023

As this year comes to an end, the production team at Taft Street are putting to bed our 2022 wines and looking towards the 2023 vintage. Lots of hard work in the cellar has been done the past couple of months to get to this point and we couldn’t be happier with how the wines are progressing. For me, Cristina and Taft Street’s enologist (Hi btw), this means running analyses, doing trials, working with our amazing cellar crew to ensure that each wine movement is done with the utmost care, and lots of tasting.

With our current wines either bottled (more on that later) or tucked away in thoughtfully chosen barrels, we now set our sights on the next vintage. As I am writing this, the steady sound of rain is assuring me that nature is setting us up for another great vintage. While nature does it’s thing, we will be working on the things we can control. Assessing vineyards, looking at aging regime, deciding on which varietals to continue and new ones to showcase are just some of the things we look at to make each vintage better than the last. With our main goal of bringing you great wines for you to share and enjoy.

On that note, we are extremely excited to share with you that we have already bottled three of our 2022 wines (Our Nouveau, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc). For you, this means to keep an eye out for the releases of two of our best-selling wines and also a reminder to pick up a bottle or two of our 2022 Pinot Noir Nouveau before they’re all gone. With only 7 cases left, this fun and light bodied red is the perfect wine for celebrating. I have enjoyed more bottles than I care to count this holiday season and with its fruitiness and lack of tannins it pairs great with tons of light fare. My favorite being dessert!

Here is a recipe for a quick, easy, and mostly guilt-free dessert to pair with this easy drinking wine.

Cheers, Cristina

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