Back Patio

Life goes on (sorta)

It must be baseball season, as curveballs seem to be everywhere. Regulations regarding restaurant and bar openings, public gatherings, indoor vs. outdoor events – all seem to change at an alarming rate. Moreover, the end is nowhere in sight. Planning is more of a guessing game than ever, but here at Taft Street we are proud of what we’ve accomplished this year, and feel confident that we will be able to meet the challenges ahead. No doubt there will be some.

In the cellar we are in the midst of bottling. Despite a few glitches, things are moving along at a good clip, and we should be done around the third week of the month; just in time to take in our first grapes. The weather has been near perfect the last several months and grape quality seems high, although we are hearing reports of smaller yields than average. This is not a bad thing, however, when restaurants throughout the country are closed and winery inventories are large.

Our direct to consumer part of the business has been a most pleasant surprise. Led by our media guru Toby Silva, we have been very much involved with social media, which has resulted in a dramatic increase of online orders. Another piece of good news, although less surprising, is our Tasting Room business. We are open Friday through Sunday by appointment only (call ahead), and we serve wine in flights and be the bottle. Many people bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in our tree shaded patio area.

You can too!


Mike Tierney
President, Taft Street Winery