The 2017 Crush is On!

It’s hot today (109° in Healdsburg), and it will be hotter tomorrow (111°). Not exactly a picture-perfect start for Harvest 2017, but things should cool down a bit by Labor Day. This heat wave on top of a long, warm summer should mean an early and big crop. We brought in some Pinot Noir for rosé a few days ago, and our first big loads of Chardonnay start arriving tomorrow. The roads of Sonoma County now have more trucks laden with grapes than rental cars full of tourists –such is September.

Winemaker Melissa Kuhn has been visiting vineyards in recent weeks, checking sugar and acid levels and organizing logistical plans for grape deliveries. Coordination is especially crucial in seasons such as this one, when it appears many of the vineyards will ripen at the same time. Speaking of deliveries, Taft Street welcomes Graham Steven Callagy into the world. Kaitlyn gave birth to this 7 pound, 9-ounce charmer on August 30 – her 5th day of maternity leave. Mother and child are home and doing great.

This weekend marks the conclusion of another concert season at Taft Street. A Little Street Music 2017 finishes up with local band Soul Fuse on Sunday, September 3 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. We are thrilled to be able to gather together top local musicians, our own winery fans and the general public – it’s something in which we take great pride. We are already discussing the lineup for 2018.

September starts the high season in wine country. Grab a hat, bring a picnic, sit it our shaded patio area, play bocce ball, listen to live music (September 3), and chill. We look forward to seeing you!


Mike Tierney

President, Taft Street Winery

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