Hello world,
I’m Mike Tierney – the president of Taft Street Winery, located in the heart of the Russian River Valley in California’s Sonoma County. Taft Street Winery has been making wine since 1982.

We have a monthly newsletter – THE STATE OF THE STREET – which appears on our website . The newsletter updates activities in the vineyards, cellar, markets and the tasting room. This blog will serve another purpose.

I hope to keep a weekly entry keeping folks abreast of my activities centered around the winery. This will include visits to accounts, work in my Syrah vineyard in Dry Creek, travels, and wine and food.

Here’s what’s up:
Just got back from a hectic week in the Boston and New York markets. The whole sales staff (four of us) worked with our distributors and visited over 150 accounts. Gruelling work but fun, and I think we made a real impact in the market.

The fruit is setting in my one acre plot of Syrah I grow at my home in Dry Creek Valley. So far so good. It has been a cool June and the clusters look healthy. Still a long way to go before a mid September harvest.

Getting ready for a trip to China and Vietnam. My son Matt and his family moved there three months ago, and we miss them (especially our four year old grandson Otto). We’ll spend a week or so in Shanghai, then off to Yunnan, and Hanoi. We do a little business in Shanghai, so I look forward to seeing Taft Street on the shelf.

On the food front, we have just about completed a new kitchen at the winery. I do most of the cooking at Taft Street events, and I have a monthly recipe which accompanies THE STATE OF THE STREET. I hope to take some cooking classes in both China and Vietnam, and will keep you posted to my findings and pairings with Taft Street wines.

That’s all folks. Hope to write again from Shanghai.


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