Harvest #40

In these first days of September the weather remains (too) dry, the skies are (sorta) blue, and our 40th harvest is in full swing. Unlike recent years, the wildfires that have plagued our state are for the most part not affecting wine growing areas. Though it appears the harvest will not be huge, grape quality seems high and smoke taint does not appear to be an issue. Our fingers are crossed. 

We have already brought in 25% of our projected harvest; quite an unusual feat for this early in September. Today the pinot noir for our Nouveau arrived in beautiful shape, and we anxiously await its release on the 3rd Thursday of November. We have already begun fermenting this year’s Rose of Pinot Noir, and the first of the Sauvignon Blanc comes in tomorrow. 

The Tasting Room continues entertaining guests from Friday through Sundays; and space permitting, walk-ins are welcome as well. Many visitors are taking advantage of the varied nearby farm stands and farmers’ markets and bringing local fruit, cheese and bread with them. Tasting Room staff are starting to prepare for the 40th harvest celebration scheduled this October 16th and 17th. More to follow.  

The annual Sonoma County Harvest Fair takes place again this year, albeit in a modified format. There will be a wine competition and awards announcement, but no dinner or public tasting for the second year running. 

We can always celebrate something. Family, friends, good food and wine are almost always around. We’re making wine and that’s a cause to celebrate in itself. May all our harvests this year be worth celebrating. 


Mike Tierney 

President, Taft Street Winery 

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