This is the time of year we look forward to, relish, and then miss when it’s over. SUMMER. Cool mornings and evenings, warm to hot days, concerts at town squares and vineyards, ripening fruits and vegetables, picnics……….aah.

At the moment the first apples and blackberries have arrived, cukes and the ever present zucchini are here, tomatoes are turning red; and in 5 – 6 weeks the king/queen of them all – wine grapes will be ready for harvest.

This past weekend we took a stroll down memory lane and spent a few days at the Russian River, watching my grandson and his seven cousins frolic in the river, hour after hour, much as we did many moons ago. I used to wonder how adults could bear just sitting on the water’s edge, talking and reading, while there was a river so close. Kids still wonder about the stranger ways of adults.

Rare proof that the world is not going completely to hell. Word is the legendary dive bar, Monte Rio’s Pink Elephant has been sold and will soon reopen in all its “splendor.” Will keep you posted.

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