Further musings while picking my………..fruit

We are in the middle of harvest, and things are hot and heavy. Today we are bringing in Merlot and Pinot Noir, with more Pinot and Chardonnay coming in the next day or two. Harvest should continue on a daily basis for the next week or so, especially if the weather stays hot as predicted. My Syrah will be harvested early next week. I went through the vineyard again yesterday and the fruit looks good, although there will be some major replanting next year, as Pierce’s Disease has killed several dozen more vines. This grape growing shtick is definitely a work in progress.

The garden and orchard continue to proliferate. The Asian pears are near the end of their run, but the figs are just starting – watch out! The tomatoes are still going full tilt boogie, and fall apples are beginning. We are, however, using the produce. This week we had a couple dozen staff from Bistro Liason in Berkeley visit for a tasting and lunch. On Friday a sales group from Colorado visits; we have our next cooking demonstration Saturday September 26th, our President’s Club party is scheduled for Sunday, October 11, and the Russian River Wine Road’s Wine and Food Affair follows shortly thereafter. The food will not go to waste. As a safeguard I bought another cookbook – TAPAS FOR EVERY OCCASION – to ensure a variety of dishes (and to feed my cookbook habit).

Speaking of books, I am in the midst of a good read – THE PAINTER FROM SHANGHAI, a novel by Jennifer Cody Epstein. This fictional biography traces the life of Pan Yuliang – an early Twentieth Century prostitute turned esteemed Postimpressionist and resident of Paris. Life in Shanghai is vividly portrayed and the improbably story just hums along. Recommended.

Enough musing; it’s time to bottle my pear cider vinegar.

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